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Mrs. Kelli Nye

All about me!

     I have been teaching in CUSD for the past 12 years and have had the pleasure of calling Lobo my home for the last 9 years.  During that time, I have taught grades 3-5, and have loved them all!  
     I graduated from UC Irvine with Bachelor's Degrees in both Spanish and Sociology.  I received my Teaching Credential from UCI as well, and then continued with my Master's Degree from Cal State Fullerton in Education with an emphasis in Reading Instruction.  I also completed my Reading Specialist Credential while at CSUF.  I consider myself a lifelong learner who never turns down an opportunity to learn something new.
    My teaching philosophy centers around expectations.  I believe that if you set high goals for your students, and you expect them to achieve those goals, they will rise to the occasion.  My classroom is a structured environment, but one that is centered around laughter and making learning fun and personal.  I believe in being a cheerleader for each student, and in doing so, will do whatever is necessary to make each student successful.
      This year I am sharing a contract with Mrs. Young.  I work every Monday and Tuesday, and every other Wednesday.  Mrs. Young works every Thursday and Friday, and the alternating Wednesdays. This is our second year in this model together, and we are loving the way it is working.

Mrs. Nye and Matthew
Mrs. Nye and Matthew
Mrs. Kelli Nye Locker